Get Inspired

Welcome! My name is Jan Williams and I am addicted to ideas and creativity. My little grey cells are constantly coming up with new projects and inspirations. I try to combine that with my love of all things in our natural world – animals, plants, clouds, beautiful scenery…… I find inspiration everywhere Mother Nature is.
I have horses, dogs, cats, a husband and two grown children. (Notice that I put my husband after the animals? That’s where my husband thinks he falls in the ranking. Of course not……) I am an artist who loves photography, painting, upcycling and I am beginning to delve into the world of journaling.
With all that I have going on, some things get lost in the shuffle, which is why I have created the Equine Journaling System. I haven’t always been diligent about keeping track of my horses’ important details, such as when they need their shots, etc. I am sure I am not alone. So the EJS is a one-stop place for all things pertaining to your equines – health, feeding, training, competitions and more! I will be continuing to add to this concept, including journal covers, booklets and more. I plan on adding journals for our other pets as well. So keep checking back to see what other pies I can get my fingers into!

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